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Busting dust

What is the DustBuster Campaign?

The Health and Safety Executive is currently running a safety campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of dust in the workplace as a prelude to a set of inspections planned for October 2019. During the inspections, HSE will “specifically be looking for evidence of construction workers knowing the risk, planning their work and using the right controls.”

Take this opportunity to ensure your site is ready for an inspection! To show your support for the campaign, download your declaration cards from the HSE website, and take a selfie with your declaration. The campaign is running until the 12th of July 2019, and HSE will be sharing the best photos they receive, time to get snapping!

How T100 Can Help

Take this opportunity to review your health and safety to ensure you are on track in your workplace. If you work in construction, or a location that has possible asbestos exposure, this is particularly relevant.

Within T100 Risk Management Software there are multiple modules which can assist you in preparing for an inspection. Start by ensuring your current processes are up-to-date with the relevant COSHH regulations. You should be reviewing your health and safety processes once every 12 months, but there is no harm in having another check, especially if you think you may be inspected this autumn.

Next, review with all staff who may be exposed to harmful dusts the dangers and potential hazards, have them review the appropriate risk assessments as needed. You can use the Risk Assessment module to make any necessary adjustments to your risk assessments, and assign updated versions to employees for review. If you feel that your operational processes are lacking, you can always make your own checklists to provide workers with a step-by-step procedure for any workplace operations. Other crucial documents, such as your Safety Policy, can be stored in the Document Register; ensuring you have a robust digital document trail for any audits or inspections.

To learn more about the modules in T100, visit our software page.

Additional Information

More information can be found on the HSE web page for Construction hazardous substances.