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Say goodbye to paper-based health and safety

It’s no surprise that businesses need to revise their health and safety policies and procedures as they grow. Often, what worked for businesses at their conception becomes outdated as new employees join the team.

As experts in safety, we know the most efficient solution to managing Health and Safety is a robust and versatile software. But, it can be daunting to make that change if you have been using a paper-based system for a long time. To get you started, we recommend shifting your thinking slightly to focus on organising your records before ascending to a digital HS guru.

Categorising Documents

Organisation and good file management are key to a good Health and Safety practice; and should you ever be faced with a legal incident, will help provide the necessary evidence for a better defense.

Our Risk Manager software is modular, meaning there is already a set place for all your important Health and Safety documents, including: Risk Assessments, Safety Policies, Method Statements, Safe Systems and Permits of Work, Asset Management, Incident Reports, and training Records.

While this is good practice for paper-based systems too, we know it can be a bit intimidating if you’re not used to working this way. We suggest going through all your files, and if each form, risk assessment, or policy doesn’t have a reference number, now is the time to make them!

Reviewing Documents

While you’re thinking about organising, you should review not only the structure of your document storage, but also the actual content in your policies and procedures. When was the last time you looked at your safety policy? Have you been reviewing your risk assessments once every 12 months? This is standard recommended practice so that any outdated information can be revised.

If you’ve purchased our T100 software, you’ll have a CMIOSH certified consultant and our support team to assist you with setting up the software. You may want to make note of anything which needs updated at this point, and do your yearly review while you digitise; it’s all about the time-saving! Once you’re set up, you can use our task manager to schedule email alerts for yourself or colleagues when documents are due for review.

Start With Your People

As Health and Safety professionals we are passionate about engaging others with best practice for safe working, but we know that sometimes that can be challenging! If you want to be successfully safe, the best approach you can take is encouraging all your colleagues to get involved in the process.

You may already have records of which employees have completed training or safety inductions, which is fantastic, but if you’re about to go digital it’s a great time to review these records and check-in with all your employees to hear their suggestions. Some key questions to consider at this time might be:

  • Who may need more training, or a refresher of their current knowledge?
  • Do you need to provide new and different training due to operational changes?
  • Could your record keeping for employee training be better?
  • What do your colleagues think about health and safety for their role? Do they have any concerns or suggestions?
  • Would it benefit your HR Department if line managers shared health and safety record keeping responsibilities?
  • In contrast, would a software help HR manage records and free up time of department heads?

Additional Information

More information about our T100 software can be found on our software page. If you’d like to see the system in action, you can book a free online demo for a time that suits you. And, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ve been helping businesses like yours with their Health and Safety for over 25 years!