Unlock a Smart E-Learning Management System

Host your own e-learning content, access our course library and get your courses professionally certified.

Why use our learning management system (LMS)?

Host, track and certify your own e-learning courses with our smart system.

The rise of AI has made it easier than ever for organisations to create their own e-learning content for their employees to work through to complete necessary training, however a Learning Management System (LMS) is still needed in order to host the content, track delivery and issue certificates.

We have developed our own LMS that organisations can plug into to deliver their own e-learning courses, and make use of our existing library of e-learning modules. Our system offers additional benefits including the ability to track external training completed and create course bundles for inductions. We can also assist with getting your own e-learning courses certified.

How much does it cost?

It costs as little as £1 per learner, per month to use our E-Learning Management System. Speak to our team to discuss pricing based on your requirements.

Six steps to e-learning success!

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Identify the topics and key points that need to be covered.

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Generate SCORM-compliant e-learning content, including video voiceover scripts, animated videos and assessment questions.

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Source a suitable LMS to host the e-learning course – our team can help with this!

Health and Safety Induction

Get e-learning course certified by relevant bodies. As an accredited training provider, we can also support with this.

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Upload your e-learning course to your chosen LMS and make it available to learners.

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Use the LMS to track completion of the course, view scores and issue certificates.

What is SCORM?

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What does SCORM stand for?

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It is a set of technical standards and specifications for e-learning software products that allows them to be easily shared and reused across multiple learning management systems (LMS).

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Why should you use it?

The SCORM standard provides a way for e-learning content to be packaged into a single file, which can then be uploaded to an LMS and delivered to learners. The package includes all of the necessary files, such as HTML, images, videos, and audio, as well as metadata that describes the content and how it should be displayed and tracked.

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How does it help with tracking course completion?

SCORM also defines a set of communication protocols between the e-learning content and the LMS, allowing the content to send and receive data about the learner’s progress and performance. This enables the LMS to track and report on the learner’s activities, such as completion of modules, quiz scores, and time spent on each activity.

Getting courses certified

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You create your e-learning course
and send us the files.

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We audit the course and submit it to
RoSPA, CPD and/or IIRSM for certification.

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Your course is certified
and ready to go!

Additional benefits

Our LMS offers a number of additional benefits that other services may not provide. These include:

  • Training matrix: Our system doesn’t only track online training completed within the LMS. You can also add details of external training completed to create a complete training record for your staff.
  • Course bundles: The system allows you to create course bundles with all relevant e-learning modules for different job types. This can also be used to create induction packages for new starters to work through.
  • Document signing: Our LMS has a document signing feature, allowing users to sign and save training documents within the system.
  • Access our courses: When you host your own courses on our LMS, you’ll also gain access to our library of e-learning courses, with topics including fire awareness, first aid and manual handling.

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