Fire Risk Assessments

Complete fire risk assessment templates and store them securely in the T100 system.

The fire risk assessments tool in safety software is an indispensable feature for organisations committed to maintaining high safety standards. This tool enables the systematic evaluation and documentation of potential fire hazards within a workplace, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and industry best practices. By providing a structured approach to identifying risks, evaluating their severity, and implementing necessary control measures, the tool helps organisations mitigate the likelihood of fire-related incidents. It facilitates the creation, storage, and updating of detailed risk assessment reports, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible for audits and inspections. Additionally, the fire risk assessments tool supports ongoing monitoring and review, allowing organisations to promptly address new hazards and maintain a safe environment for all employees and visitors.

Create fire risk assessments from a bank of templates
Choose from pre-populated control measures, or add your own
Complete risk assessments quickly and ensure nothing is missed
Store all risk assessments securely, avoiding the risk of documents being lost or damaged
Ensure that your organisation's fire safety compliance is under control

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