Working at Heights Awareness Course

In many industries Working at Height is a very common task, but it’s also accountable for the most deaths and serious injuries of all workplace risks. If it’s part of your work, you should be aware of the correct Working at Height procedures. All of these details are included within this Safety E-Learning course.

Who is the Working at Height Course For?

If there were no safety measures at your workplace, could an employee fall a distance that was high enough to cause injury? If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, you and/or your employees can be reasonably classified as ‘Working at Height’. Working at Height incidents are a common cause of injuries and fatalities, but simple methods can reduce the risks to employees. This course will help you implement control measures to reduce the number of Working at Height accidents.

Identify the main Working at Height hazards and define which types of work can be classified as ‘Working at Height’
Teach procedures that can help reduce Working at Height risks when implemented, and checks that should be completed before such work
Demonstrate how to use and prepare equipment correctly to minimise associated hazards
Advise on other variables within the working environment that can affect Working at Height safety
Illustrate how to act correctly in the event of a Working at Height accident

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