Work smarter with COSHH AI software

Streamline and speed up your COSHH compliance processes with smart AI software.

Smart AI software to support COSHH compliance

As anyone who is familiar with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health compliance procedures will be well aware, keeping on top of COSHH can be a time-consuming task. Completing detailed safety data sheets can take in the region of one hour per sheet, which soon adds up to a huge amount of time spent completing paperwork.

Our new COSHH AI software uses artificial intelligence to automate the majority of the process of completing safety data sheets. Once familiar with the process, users should be able to complete one in just five minutes by selecting from a series of options to populate the data required.

Key benefits of COSHH AI software

Save time

Significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete COSHH AI safety data sheets from around an hour down to 5 minutes.

Reduce errors

Reduce the possibility of human error by using software to populate data sheets and free up more time for thorough final checks.

Stay compliant

Keep on top of your COSHH compliance requirements with a system that eases the paperwork burden.

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Free up your team

Give your team more time to focus on other important tasks by automating time-consuming paperwork processes.

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Integrate systems

COSHH AI can work as a standalone system, or integrate with our wider T100 Risk Manager health and safety software system.

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Keep files secure

Keep all safety data sheets securely stored on the system, reducing the risk of misplaced paperwork and ensuring files can be accessed by the right people.

More about COSHH AI software

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Is the HACCP module a standalone tool?

The HACCP module can be used as a standalone tool, or as a part of our wider T100 Risk Manager system, which covers everything you need to create a robust health and safety management strategy.

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Can T100 help with anything else?

T100 can also be used to help manage your HR processes and to deliver and track e-learning programmes as part of your continuous professional development programme. Our E-Learning course library includes several CPD-certified food safety courses that you and your team can work through online.

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What is the process for getting HACCP software?

The first step is to book a demo with our T100 team. We will talk you through the key benefits of the system for your organisation, focusing on the modules that will add the most value for you and your team. If you decide that the software is for you, our technical team will help with every step of the rollout process, and be there to support you when the system is up and running.

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