Smart Display Screen Equipment Management Software

Fulfil your responsibilities towards home-working, hot-desking and office based employees with our display screen equipment (DSE) software module.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Manager Software

Did you know that if your staff use display screen equipment (DSE) regularly as a significant part of their normal working day you have a legal obligation, as an employer, to ensure you are compliant with DSE Regulations? As well as fulfilling your legal obligations, it’s important you keep your employees safe at work too.

Our T100 DSE Manager software takes away all the hassle, ensuring you fulfil the necessary legal obligations by delivering a simple and easy to use online tool that will manage all your risk in one place.

Key benefits of DSE software

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Look after your team

Ensure that home and office-based employees are safe, happy and well looked after.

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Manage environmental factors

Keep on top of environmental factors such as heat, light and noise that may affect employees’ ability to work comfortably and safely.

Manage ergonomic equipment

Keep track of computers, chairs, desks and ergonomic equipment with the equipment register tool.

Make returning to work easier

Ensure a smooth return to work for employees that have been off sick or returning from maternity leave.

Support safe remote working

Make sure that remote workers have the home-working setup, training and support they need.

Manage employees’ individual needs

Ensure that expectant mothers, disabled team members and employees with injuries receive the tailored support they need to work safely.

Specific DSE risk assessments

Access DSE risk assessment templates for home and office working environments. 
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DSE training for your team

Access CPD-certified DSE online training sessions for homeworkers and office-based employees.

More about DSE software

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Is the DSE module a standalone tool?

The DSE module can be used as a standalone tool, or as a part of our wider T100 Risk Manager system, which covers everything you need to create a robust health and safety management strategy.

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Can T100 help with anything else?

T100 can also be used to help manage your HR processes and to deliver and track e-learning programmes as part of your continuous professional development programme. Our E-Learning course library includes several CPD-certified courses that you and your team can work through online.

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What is the process for getting DSE software?

The first step is to book a demo with our T100 team. We will talk you through the key benefits of the system for your organisation, focusing on the modules that will add the most value for you and your team. If you decide that the software is for you, our technical team will help with every step of the rollout process, and be there to support you when the system is up and running.

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