T100 Walkaround: Identify and eliminate hazards

Actively involve all members of the team in creating a culture of safety.

Ensure that hazards are dealt with before they become incidents

T100 Walkaround is a brand new safety app, designed to encourage employees and contractors to identify, report and resolve hazards, removing them before an incident can occur.

Slips, trips and falls due to basic housekeeping issues account for around 40% of workplace incidents every year. T100 Walkaround helps to prevent these, ensuring that regular checks are made and any issues can be spotted, recorded with photographic evidence and if required, assigned to someone else to resolve. Available from £25 per user per month, the app can be used as a standalone tool, or it can be integrated with the wider T100 Risk Manager platform.

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What can T100 Walkaround be used for?

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General housekeeping walks

Ensuring that there are no hazards that may cause incidents, and reporting and/or resolving them where possible.

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Hygiene check walks

Ensuring that toilets and other facilities are clean and that there are no issues that need to be dealt with. If there are, these can be assigned to team members to resolve.

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Fridge temperature walks

Checking that fridges are at a safe temperature and reporting a hazard if they are not.

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Fire safety walks

Checking that fire extinguishers are where they should be and up to date, and checking that there are no obstructions to fire escape routes.

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Hazard reporting

Allows everyone with access to the app to report hazards at any time – even outside of assigned walks and checks.

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Build walks

You can create any walk that your organisation may require – anything that involves regular patrols and checks can be made into a walk.

Key benefits of T100 Walkround

Allows organisations to create set walks to check for hazards, spot potential issues and ensure everything is as it should be.

Creates alerts, tasks and notifications – all helping to get issues resolved quickly, before they turn into incidents.

Allows users to flag hazards and issues as part of walks assigned to them, including taking a photo through the app to be stored as evidence.

Also allows users to record any hazards or issues spotted outside of assigned walks, empowering everyone in the team to take an active role in improving safety.

Ensures that hazards and issues are either dealt with immediately, or assigned to the person that needs to resolve them.

Includes a reporting tool to give an overview of walks completed, hazards identified and outstanding issues.

Helps to build an evidence base to show that procedures are being followed correctly and safety is being prioritised.

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Engages employees and contractors in hazard awareness and helps to build a culture of safety. 

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